Featured Story: Brown Rice, The Good Food

The Brown Rice Campaign is a campaign initiated by Dakila and Oxfam that seeks to bring brown rice back as the regular staple food. Dubbed as the Good Food, Brown Rice is not only beneficial to one’s health but also to the environment, the local small-scale farmers, and the country. Launched in 2012, the campaign gathers up advocates, restaurants, organizations, organic brown rice suppliers and distributors and supporters to revolutionize the eating habits of every Filipinos, encouraging them to make the shift from white rice to brown rice and choose healthier food options and balanced lifestyle. The campaign encourages everyone to join the growing movement for sustainable agriculture and healthier lifestyle. Because every Filipino family deserves a better life. Everyone deserves the Good Food. Available at Yogi Fair. For more information: www.facebook.com/GrowBrownRice

Featured Product: Moody Doll

Moody Doll is one of Ant’s Pockets therapeutic dolls. It has 12 different faces, dresses, and shoes, with 12 different colors.  By changing its face, it hopes to help children express their emotions whenever they can’t. These moody dolls are one of the best ways to ensure proper development and practice of fine motor skills to promote the most functional use of a child’s hand.

Moody Doll by Ant's Pocket

Available at Yogi Fair.

Featured Product: Less Pop, More Culture

ILI Limited Edition iOS Devices for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and iPad Mini. Hard cases with Philippine Indigenous weaving patterns.

These cases feature Native Philippine weaving prints on hard plastic shells to protect your iOS devices with flair and pride. Currently available design patterns are: Yakan Bunga-Sama (Pink & Blue), Yakan Seputangan, T’boli K’gal Ensif, Benguet Pa-igid, Tingguian Binakol & Maranao Tubao.

P250 for iPhone
P300 for iPad Mini

Available at Yogi Fair.

The Yogi Fair Community

Be part of the growing community of Yogi Fairers. Happening every other Sunday at My Little Art Place, 222 Wilson St., San Juan City, Metro Manila.

Yogi Fair hopes to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle by making the Yoga lifestyle more accessible to the public. It supports local artisans and promotes advocacies on animal rights, buying local products, and the environment to help raise awareness on climate change issues.

See you at the next Yogi Fair! See Calendar.

Yogi Fair Is Officially Open!

After a successful soft launch last August 25, we are officially opening a series of fairs to share and celebrate the Yoga Lifestyle and Pinoy-made handicrafts starting September 15 until December 2013.

See you at the fair! September 15, 2013 (Sunday) from 9am to 4pm at My Little Art Place 222 Wilson St. San Juan City, Metro Manila (see map). Yoga, Art, Music, and Foood!!!

September 15 YogiFair

The Yogi Family is composed of independent and local artrepreneurs who live a Yoga lifestyle and advocate for buying local products, art and design. Check out their booths at the Yogi Fair.

  1. DRINKS – The Juice Barista: Freshly juiced green drinks
  2. FOOD – My Vegetarian Cuisine: Vegetarian food
  3. FOOD – Yogi’s Bar: Desserts
  4. DRINKS – Yoga Club Inc.: Home brewed cold drinks
  5. FOOD – Little White Cottage: Vegetarian food and chips
  6. LIFESTYLE – Yogi Fair: Coffee and knick-knacks
  7. FOOD – Brown Rice
  8. LIFESTYLE – Cherry Oh: Hippie inspired accessories
  9. LIFESTYLE – Yadu Bags: Eco-friendly bags
  10. LIFESTYLE – THiNK & Ant’s Pocket: Soap, aromatherapy oils, and knick-knacks
  11. LIFESTYLE – Indigo Baby: Baby clothing and mommy products
  12. LIFESTYLE – FLOW/Brown Belly: Surf and yoga clothing and accessories
  13. LIFESTYLE – DVK: Aerial clothing and gypsy massage oils
  14. LIFESTYLE – Medium Clothing: Yoga and vegetarianism inspired clothing