Feature: The Healthier Alternative

My Vegetarian Cuisine

My Vegetarian Cuisine is an online made-to-order food business that offers a healthier alternative for meat at a friendly price. With its menu of delectable vegetarian dishes such as sisig, bagoong, palabok, and eggless chocolate cake, among others, even non-vegetarians could not resist taking a day off from their regular meaty meals. It gives a classic twist on the healthy lifestyle movement of today while maintaining a rich blend of taste and food innovation.

To date, My Vegetarian Cuisine has customers from all walks of life and half of them belong to the non-vegetarian segment. It continues to share the benefits of going vegetarian advocating a healthier take on food diet without missing the taste of meat.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/MyVegetarianCuisine

Available at Yogi Fair.


Yogi Fair: September 29, 2013

Yogi Fair September 29

Yoga, Art, Music, and Foooooooood!!! See you at the next Yogi Fair, September 29, 2013, Sunday 9am-4pm; Yoga Class: Light Yoga 5pm-6pm at My Little Art Place. Spread the love! Namaste.

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